My Motivation To Cosplay: Making People Happy (2019)

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My Motivation To Cosplay: Making People Happy (2019)

There’s one thing about Cosplay I love more than anything and that’s making people happy

The smile on peoples faces when they see their favourite character in real life is such a heartwarming experience, to me, it's absolutely irreplaceable.

Watch the video here:

Here are some recent happy cosplay moments that really stand out to me:⠀

-I was recently asked to do a greeting for an Instagram follower whilst dressed as Portgas D Ace, they told me that it was like a dream for them and that I was their favourite cosplayer

-A few months back I was told about a kid who had lost a family member. His favourite character was Goku so I was asked to record a message for him to help bring a bit of light to his situation. I got into my Goku cosplay and gave him the words I wished I had when I experienced my first loss (and from the hero I most admired).

-One memory in particular that stands out from my recent trip to Japan was when a restaurant full of people started shouting ACSUUUU! out the door as we were walking to the underground parade in our One Piece cosplays.

-I have been asked by people to give encouraging words of bravery to their friends who are coming out to their parents (whilst dressed as Goku)

It just goes to show how impactful these works of fiction can be. They’re not cheering for me, they’re cheering for the character that they love and I feel blessed that I’ve been put into a position in life were I have the opportunity to make people smile

When I started Cosplay it was originally to entertain myself, now it's to entertain others and then myself

 Super Saiyan Goku Cosplay From DragonBall Z Walking Through Tokyo Japan During World Cosplay Summit
Cosplay: Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

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