MyFitnessPal: The Number 1 Tool For My Anime Physique

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MyFitnessPal: The Number 1 Tool For My Anime Physique

The secret to being lean, getting strong, and living a healthy life: consistency.

As of writing, I have logged my calories and macros in myfitnesspal for 500 days in a row. It takes about 3 minutes every day, 3 minutes each day to a lean physique.

The biggest argument about calorie or macro tracking that I've heard is that it's unsustainable or unnatural. That it triggers eating disorders and that it's bad for your mental health. To that I say nonsense, it is simply a tool. Logging 3 meals each day for 1 minute each time for a total of 3 minutes each day is 100% sustainable. It's around the same amount of time taken to brush your teeth each day, most people manage that effortlessly.

Myfitnesspal has a huge database of foods and I track everything that goes into my mouth. For the items that are not in myfitnesspal I track them by either looking at the packaging, the online food database, or making an educated guess (a regular plate of food I will estimate as 800 calories for example, so far it seems quite an accurate estimate).

If you're looking to lose weight then give the app a shot, it's free and has the ability to change your life. Also, add me! My name on there is 'cosplayminney'.

Track calories, be more shonen

Goku uses myfitnesspal to stay lean
Update: I lost my streak 
on the long ass flight back home from Japan! It really bummed me out, back on the grind!

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