On An Adventure: Is Walking Enough Cardio For Health?

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On An Adventure: Is Walking Enough Cardio For Health?

Research shows and it’s fundamentally agreed upon that cardio isn’t necessary for fat loss and that net calorie balance is the key. But what about overall health?

Yes, some cardio is good excellent for health and well being. Low intensity cardio is good for heart health, posture, joints, niggling pains (such as the lower back), recovery between workouts, and helps increase your work capacity in the gym. What may surprise you is how little of it you actually need.

Studies have shown that 4 sessions per week of brisk walking for 60 minutes was similar in benefits to jogging the same distance, but with two major benefits: it’s easier to recover from and it spares more muscle (meaning that walking burns more calories from fat tissue).

This means that if your goals are to just get in shape and be a healthier person walking should be your first choice for cardio. In my view, 3 weights workouts and 4 walking workouts per week on different days is especially ideal for beginners/early intermediates. Try and get your heart rate up to 120bpm during your walking workouts.

You can even train your mind as you do this, play an audiobook or listen to a podcast whilst you walk. I usually go through one book per week using this method (currently going through Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari).

This all gets a bit more complex if your goals have a specific sport in mind (like endurance running, tough mudder etc) but for the average Saiyan who just wants to get ripped? This is my default recommendation.

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Have a nice day guys and always remember: Be More Shonen

Son Goku cosplay from dragonball GT going on a walk to do his cardio
Cosplay: Goku (DragonBall GT) Photo: Anna S (Taken at Animecon)

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