Optimise Healing After Minor Injuries: An Anime Inspired Infographic

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Optimise Healing After Minor Injuries: An Anime Inspired Infographic

I'm not a Doctor, nor a brilliant scientist. If you're injured, see a Doctor first before consulting a generalised cookie-cutter infographic like this one.

Optimising Healing After An Injury: An Anime Inspired Infographic For The Real Life Senzu Beans

So I injured myself this morning by…..meditating! That’s right, I suspect I pulled a muscle by some form of freak accident with my breathing putting me in an awkward position after a stiff nights sleep. It's crazy thinking you can be feeling fine one moment then can't move your neck the next. Unfortunately, these little bits of wear and tear are part of getting older. Thankfully however there are some ways of optimising our recovery post-injury.

After collecting notes from my books to optimise my healing I thought I’d turn them into an info-graphic for you guys. Senzu beans? Fuck 'em, this is the closest you're gonna get.

FYI this list only applies for minor injuries like small muscle tears/pulls, for bigger injuries such as broken bones you will obviously need greater care, however the nutrition supplement strategies in the infographic can still help you.

Exact doses are as follows:

Fish oil: 1-3g of EPA/DHA combined

Whey Protein: 30g before/after training

Creatine: 3-5g a day

Glucosamine: 1,500g split across the day

Collagen: 15g a day stacked with 48mg vitamin C (Before training if so)

Glutamine: 0.14-0.18g per pound of bodyweight

Arginine: 14g a day (Foul tasting however and far less evidence for it's support)

That’s all for now guys. Be More Shonen.

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