People are allergic to lifting weights because of bodybuilding culture

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People are allergic to lifting weights because of bodybuilding culture

What are the key components of fitness?

-muscular strength


-cardiovascular endurance

-muscular endurance

-body composition

Lifting weights properly through a full range of motion and taking the sets to a high intensity where you’re really challenging yourself, improves all five of these things to varying degrees. No other form of exercise does this in the same way. Yet, as a society our first go-to form of exercise isn’t lifting weights. It’s usually running, yoga, or something else that has less intimidation behind it. So why aren't more people doing it even though it's the only way to make you look and feel like an anime character?

Because dumbass bros made the gym a scary and intimidating place to be. When you say ‘lifting weights’ people think of bodybuilding culture. Ie Huge inflexible muscled up dudes on all the drugs in the world screaming ‘light weight buddehhhhh’ They don’t think ‘fitness’.

If we could remove the punishment mentality, the copious abuse of anabolics, and the ‘I only eat food for fuel’ dumb ass bro rhetoric from gym culture and replaced it with a welcoming environment that genuinely wanted to help people get fitter, I think we’d see more people get in the best shape of their lives

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