Personal Trainers: Stop Being A PE Teacher

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Personal Trainers: Stop Being A PE Teacher

In an ideal world I’d have everyone using the big barbell lifts to get in shape

Because they have strength standards, because they make you more athletic, and because they’re simple to progress on.

However, I can’t ignore that many people would just prefer to use machines (or even bodyweight) for resistance training. And it’s easy to see why too, here’s some of the benefits of using machines:

-Way easier to learn than the barbell lifts

-No loading big ass plates (unless it's a smith machine of course)

-Time efficient

-Less intimidating

-Safer (not that barbell lifts are dangerous but there are a few things you have to learn to perform the lifts safely)

I’ve seen a lot of trainers in my time demonise people for using machines instead of barbell lifts

Let’s be clear: that is 100% PE teacher energy and nobody likes it. And I mean NOBODY.

A stimulus is a stimulus. It doesn’t really matter if it’s coming from a machine, a band, bodyweight, or a barbell.  And if it gets more people lifting in the gym, I’m all for it.

And saying that, free weight versions of exercises aren’t always superior. Being a home gym guy these days I really miss machine side lateral raises and leg presses! 

Yes, I’d prefer everyone to use and include barbells.

But if you want to use machines? That’s awesome too. Bodyweight? Also awesome. There should be less barriers towards exercise and strength training, not more.


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