RE-INVENTING MYSELF: The launch of the Be More Shonen Patreon

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RE-INVENTING MYSELF: The launch of the Be More Shonen Patreon

9 years ago on February 1st I quit smoking after being inspired by the transformation element of Dragon Ball. I then continued to use the Super Saiyan’s levelling system as a psychological means to keep improving myself. That decision has remained the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also my most important, it’s like I’ve only been living for the past 9 years and simply existing the other 21.

I chose to quit smoking on February so it wasn’t a New Years goal. Although the new year is a fantastic landmark for reinvention and new beginnings, I didn’t want it to be associated with the graveyard that is 1st January optimism. So here, after taking a month off social media, I return in February reinventing myself once again.

I have changed the brand name from Cosplay Minney to Be More Shonen. A name that embodies all it is that I aim to do with my online presence. The purpose of Be More Shonen is to document my ongoing journey to reaching my final form with the goal of helping a million weebs like myself do the same by combining the stories of anime with philosophy, exercise science, and my brand of humour.

I’ve never been a ‘guru’ and that’s never been what my online presence is about. Not intentionally. I don’t have all the answers in life and I never have, what I want to do is push myself as far as I can to achieve everything I want out of this life and document the process to serve as an example for those who felt as helpless as I did so that they can find their own inner strength, get shonen AF, and craft the life that they actually want to live. I want to inspire by living, not by telling people how to live.

And to help fund this I have decided to take the plunge and start a Patreon! I’ve gotta be honest, I’ve been pretty nervous making it public. It’s the same kinda anxiety as setting up a birthday party when you’re worried that nobody will come!

Basically I want my content to largely remain free so I can help as many of you weebs as possible. Therefore I am setting this Patreon up in a way where anybody can donate what they want if they enjoy my content and are feeling generous. It’s essentially going to function like a giant recurring tip-jar. The more Patrons I get, the more content I can make! Just a dollar/pound a month from all my lovely followers would make me RICH and then I can continue to do what I love; which is helping others. 

Here is the link to the Patreon

Thank you so much my friends, stay shonen AF <3

Dragon Ball Z Cosplay: Super Saiyan Goku wearing his 59 jacketCosplay: Cell Games Goku (59 Jacket) from Dragon Ball Z | Photo: Me and Nomes Cosplay

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