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If I told the 2009 version of me I’d be bald and hench enough to pull-off Tien in 12 years he probably wouldn’t have believed you.

And that brings me to today’s topic: re-inventing yourself.

These photos represent dramatically different versions of me separated by over a decade of burning off dead wood and transforming time and time again. The advice ‘just be yourself’ is best served to those who are trying to be somebody that they are not. But instead, it is often used as a crutch for people to settle into their short-comings instead of working on them, or at least around them.

Instead, I think the concept of re-invention is the best strategy. To constantly seek improvement in your well-being, habits, relationships, and body. That’s one of the reasons why I shaved my head bald. Instead of hanging on to the old me, I went all in on the new identity that my genetics have chosen for me and used it as an opportunity to remove another insecurity and transform yet again. It has turned out to be one of the single biggest contributors to my self-esteem and image in the past 10 years, second only behind my radical body-transformation that started in 2012.

Because it’s not the end result of a shaved head, six-pack-abs, an impressive mile time, or a good bench press that we’re chasing. Our transformations are simply a reflection that represents the journey we had to undertake to reach our goals. The hard decisions, sacrifices, and good old hard work that made those goals worthwhile in the first place.

And it doesn’t always look like blonde spikey hair

Man overcomes balding by shaving his head after being inspired by Tien from Dragonball

Cosplay: Tien Shinhan
Series: DragonBall
Photo/Prosthetic Eye: Nomes Cosplay
Anime Body-Transformation Coaching

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