Shonen Focus: The Missing Ingredient To Your Fitness Journey

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Shonen Focus: The Missing Ingredient To Your Fitness Journey

The key transformative benefit of lifting weights is that it proves to yourself objectively that you can become better than yesterday.

However there’s a lot of people who go to the gym and just do nothing but mess around. They do some machines until they’re bored, they don’t keep a log book, and they train far away from their limits. I call this punching the clock, you went to the gym but you didn’t do much else beyond burning calories.

But lets say you go to the gym with a mission; you’re going to make a PR on one of the big compounds on Super Saiyan 6 by either getting one more rep or adding one more pound to the log book within your target RPE. If you succeed, that means you’ve got objective proof that you’re improving, which is objective proof that you can transform any aspect of your life.

Not just good for your body, but your mind too.

If you’re struggling in life right now and don’t know where to start: start with fitness. Though I think the incremental changes are easier to see, it doesn’t even have to be lifting. It can be walking, sprinting, rowing, basketball, tricking, whatever. Just do something that proves that you can become better.

Focus on it, write down your records, strive to beat them, prove to yourself that with dedication you can transform into anything that you want to be. Even if you want to be a Sailor Scout ;)

If you want to know more about getting as ripped as a shonen anime protagonist check out my free training manual 'The Super Saiyan Six'

Have a nice day guys and always remember: Be More Shonen

Sailor Scout Goku Cosplay Dragonball and sailor moon crossover
Cosplay: Sailor Scout Goku (DragonBall and Sailor Moon cross over) Photo: Me and Nomes Cosplay

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