Son Goku DragonBall Z Super Cosplay Boot Tutorial

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Son Goku DragonBall Z Super Cosplay Boot Tutorial


After wearing down my old ones I bought from Ebay which always used to kill my feet after wearing them all day at a con I felt it was time to upgrade to a much comfier Goku boot! 

Since comfort was paramount I wanted to use Uggs as the base boot as they're also pretty similar looking to Goku's boots. Just a pure fashion icon, ain't he? 

This will be the first in a series where I deconstruct the process of making my Goku cosplay. Here are all the products used in the tutorial or at the very least similar pieces: 

Base boots

Angelus Sapphire Blue Leather Paint

Angelus Red Leather Paint

Angelus Navy Leather Paint

Neotrim Red Leather Trim (I used 3 metres) 

EvoStick Impact Glue

White Cord

Paint Sponges

Brush Kit

Here is the video tutorial:

Hope this helps y'all guys, lets get some sick anime kicks going 💪 

Goku boots made out of Uggs! Dragon ball z cosplay tutorial

Cosplay: Son Goku
Series: DragonBall

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