Stories Shape Who We Are: The Power Of Anime

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Stories Shape Who We Are: The Power Of Anime

There are stories that have existed for thousands of years because as a society we felt like those messages & lessons had a right to be preserved. One of the biggest examples are religious texts, those ancient stories have had an enormous impact on our moral code & our sense of values.

They have left such an impact that they have lived far beyond the destruction of many individual lives and societies, being passed on from generation to generation.

What’s the story you tell yourself? Do you have the mind of a champion or mindset of ‘why me’? Maybe it’s somewhere in-between?

There’s an old proverb by Henry Ford that goes “if you think you can or can’t do something, you’re right” & I think that’s complimentary to my overall message: The story you tell yourselves is a work of fiction just like all stories are a work of fiction.

I think it’s time that more of us took authorship of that story.

If you don’t take authorship of your own story you will end up vicariously living through somebody else’s. I’ll use the example of the World Cup. During it’s run, it attracts thousands across the world to a bar full of cheering punters. They’re screaming for their heroes as they’re engaged in battle; a war played through athletics. Yet there’s a disconnect, because the average football fan doesn’t even play football. Instead they get drunk, cheer for their heroes, eat like shit, & stumble home ready to do it all over again.

The more meticulous of you may have realised where I’m going with this: the parallel between sports fans & cosplayers is that we both live vicariously through an idea, an ideal, & a work of fiction.

We dress up as super heroes with incredible powers who we idolise & admire, we become them for a day & once we take the costume off it’s over & we’re back to our regular lives

But what if we could embody the traits of those heroes every day? 
What if we chose to live a life like those heroes we admire?

What if we took authorship of our own heroes journey?

Find out for yourself, Be More Shonen


Son Goku cosplay from DragonBall ZCosplay: Ultra Instinct Sign Son Goku (DragonBall Super) Photo: Nomes Cosplay

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