Switching Your Mindset During Covid Times (The Shonen Way)

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Switching Your Mindset During Covid Times (The Shonen Way)

I have not been a Saiyan the last few months, I’ve been a Slowpoke at best & a Snorlax at worst

For the last few months I've struggled to get out of bed, my content production has slown down, & I've barely been managing to keep my physical health afloat

Until recently!

This isn’t a sob story, the reason I let my mental health slide is my fault alone. I began to allow the understandable gloomy opinions of the internet & media get into my head. I found myself so concerned over what other people think & what they’re doing wrong that I became the thing I preach to hate the most; a complainer taking to action to make things better

Once again, I decided to live like Goku. Just for one day I decided I wouldn’t complain about a single thing & to my surprise the world already seemed 80% brighter. Going forward I decided to focus all of my energies into making myself better instead of talking about why everyone else is wrong

And soon enough I began to feel exactly what I was grateful for

-I have so many companies reaching out now I’ll never have to buy clothes again

-I have an audience who are dedicated enough to ask me to greet their kids on their birthday

-I’m still making money & haven’t had to fall back on hand-outs

But of course, optimism is like an illness:

-I’m grateful that my friends and family are still alive

-I am grateful for my own health & my own personal hyperbolic time chamber to maintain it

-I’m grateful that my sister got the results she wanted & is happy in uni

-I’m grateful that I have feet! And hands! And a half functioning brain that can come up with silly blog posts like this one!

No matter how much shit life can throw at us, there is always a reason to smile. I forgot that, I forgot that we live in a world & a society that’s an utter miracle

I’m gonna make myself useful & help my tiny corner of the world in any way I can. It’s a far more productive use of my time than arguing with people online

I guess that’s the point of all of this, if you see something that’s wrong do what you can to make something better

That’s what protagonists do, Be More Shonen


Topless Son Goku Cosplay From Dragon Ball Z Super Holding A Power Pole
Cosplay: Son Goku (DragonBall Z)

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