Tales From A Cosplayer: The Time I Nearly Took Steroids

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Tales From A Cosplayer: The Time I Nearly Took Steroids

I've never told this story publicly before & I'm almost ashamed of admitting it

Early into my training I REALLY caught the fitness bug & I'd try a lot of different things. Because I've always based my training around scientific principles I was never too suckered in by VERY gimmicky shite but unfortunately for me the supplement industry is involved in some of the biggest forgeries of scientific data, so I'd still end up trying a ton to see what they'd do

So the 23 year old me was listening to a respected fitness podcast & half-way through an ad played for a supplement that promised a league of benefits. I was intrigued & the more I read the more I bought in to the idea of the product.

I soon realised the product was a pro-hormone, essentially the legal high equivalent of steroids. Change a few things here & there of an existing compound & you have a new one that's legal, can be sold without a prescription, & has more potential side effects because it hasn't been tested. I had used drugs before including legal highs & although I had quit this was different right? If it could improve my performance then it's gonna make me healthier y'know? It was easy to justify, this is good for me. I added the product to the basket &...

I slept on it

Thank god I did too, once I had slept on it I couldn't believe how close I was to giving up my natty card, falling back into the behaviour of 'I need this drug to feel good about myself' disguised as something healthy. I wrote down on a notepad 'yesterday I nearly bought steroids, never again' to affirm to myself the reality of what I had done, and what I need to continue to run away from.

There are many reasons I have stayed natural since but most importantly I know that my results are all me. I know forever that however far I take my strength that I didn't need anything outside of food, training, & sleep to get me there.

Stay natural folks. What most of you want is achievable & don't lose sight that you're doing it for health

Goku's comments on the God ritual cements my feelings on steroids

"this power isn't my own, & I HATE that"

Stay natural, Be More Shonen

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku From DragonBall Super
Cosplay: Son Goku (DragonBall) 

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