The Best Tip On Saving Money On Cosplay

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The Best Tip On Saving Money On Cosplay

One BIG tip on saving money on cosplay materials (pic related I swear)

This week I have dropped a shocking amount on cosplay materials for a single costume. Looking at my amazon receipts now I have currently spent £260.63 on a costume that basically amounts to a shirt, trousers, sunglasses, and a funky jacket.

How could this have been avoided? By planning ahead. Because I decided to make this costume in two weeks I've essentially made a £100 costume into a £260 costume, mainly because I can only get items that are local, have enough stock, or will arrive in time for me to actually make the thing.

Seriously, give your cosplay project time. If things go wrong getting replacement items in quickly and therefore locally ramps up the cost exponentially but if you have a month to spare, you can order parts from china where the materials costs can be a tenth of the price. This was the reason my £100 costume became £260.

As for ordering from china, that is how this pic is related! If you plan way in advance when aliexpress mess up and send you the wrong item (I ordered boots and got a dress) you will have time to get a replacement before con time.

Not giving myself enough time has cost me greatly financially (you should of seen Greed's bill) and the most annoying part about it is that it's mostly been avoidable.

Give. The. Project. Time.

Goku from DragonBall cosplay gone wrongCosplay: Son Goku (DragonBall Z) in an aliexpress dress. The dress looks like it fits better than it does, if you look closely you can see it doesn't zip up the back 

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