The Most Cathartic Moment In Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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The Most Cathartic Moment In Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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Spoilers for Jojo's part 3 ahead

The most cathartic moment in JJBA Is when Jotaro has to wait until Dio gets close enough to him that he can get a direct blow on his head.

The shit he goes through to get this opportunity like getting shot, holding his breath, stopping his heart, almost getting his head lobbed off, is all worth it for this moment.

The moment when Jotaro crushes Dio's skull

Because until now we’ve seen Dio get away with absolutely everything without any real consequences for his actions. He ruined Jonathan's life, killed his father,  gained immortality, took Jonathan's body, and killed hundreds of people. Everything up until this point has gone Dio's way.

But when you see his skull crack under the pressure of Star Platinum’s fist, it makes it all worth it. You know from this moment; Jotaro is going to kill Dio and there's nothing he's gonna be able to do. Dio is an evil, demented, horrible dickhead and now he's gonna get what he deserves.

The determination and grit involved in this scene inspired me to create my own take on this design! It's called ‘God Crusher’, a new design available at on prints, flags, tees, tanks, and hoodies. I love this moment and I love this design, it’s like if a metal band shirt met anime culture.

Jotaro crushing Dio's skull T-shirt from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


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