The Old Me Is Just A Few Bad Choices Away: Life Lessons From Anime

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The Old Me Is Just A Few Bad Choices Away: Life Lessons From Anime

Self-improvement is positive momentum built over time on an uphill battle. Harder to start, but it gets easier to sustain the longer you do it. Like Monkey D. Luffy climbing that snowy mountain with his comrades on his back, like Son Goku fighting for his life at 100x earths normal gravity, and like Kaneki Ken suffering through insanity inducing torture; on the other side of that pain is a stronger soul.

Like William Zepelli said to Jonathan Joestar: adversity makes a man a Viking

On the other side of that coin however, self-destruction is negative momentum that builds way faster on a downward spiral. 

It has took me 9 years of constant fighting to get where I am now; a job I love, a strong healthy body, a girl that I adore and totally sober for 5 years. 

With a few bad choices I could completely unravel my being within a year. It might start with ignoring my responsibilities, skipping showers, eating nothing but shit food. Then I might skip a few workouts, maybe have a drink. Then I might try a pill because everyone around me is having a blast, maybe I smoke a cigarette because it’s ‘just the one’

And before you know it I’m back being a fat, unhealthy, druggy, bum who has no power over anything and nobody with a mind about them would ever want to be with me.

If this sounds excessive I’ve literally seen this happen to multiple people including family members and close friends. Even when you get a bit of a clue about addiction and how it works, you can logic yourself into some really dumb shit. ‘I know what I’m doing’ you say, as you do something anybody with sense would say is objectively bad for you.

Look to what you admire, because that’s within you. Run away from what you detest, because that’s also within you.

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