Tutorial: How to pack a spikey cosplay wig (2018)

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Tutorial: How to pack a spikey cosplay wig (2018)

One of the saddest things I see with high end wigs being packed away for a convention is that they rarely come back on the other side in the same condition. Thankfully, there is a solution rather than just praying it’ll be okay

If you’d rather watch than read: 

Credit to Nomes for telling me this method, and now it’s yours too. This method has allowed us to take our wigs to local and international cons be us flying, sailing, driving, or walking. Basically, you pack in the cosplay wig with a lot of fabric be t cosplay, outerwear, or underwear.

Firstly you want to get a hard case to protect the wig from outside damage. You don’t want anything hitting the wig with force and applying a huge amount of pressure. Preferably you’ll want to have a case exclusively for your wig and some fabric cosplay pieces and a separate case/bag for the rest of the stuff you may need for the con. But if you’re short on space or you’re attempting to put everything in one case, start by packing anything hard at the bottom of the case.

Then you want to fill the inside of the wig to give the inside of the head support. Fill it with underwear, socks, fabric cosplays etc, things you’d normally be packing anyway. Place the wig on the bottom of the wig.

Finally, pack the rest of your clothes or fabric cosplay parts around the wig. The more without squishing the wig too hard the better, this will help keep the wig upright, reduce friction, and add a protective layer against damage or outside shock as well as being space efficient for packing clothes/cosplays!

Hope you find this tutorial useful guys, it’s definitely saved me a world of pain before you go, here's a cheat sheet for the tutorial:

How to pack a big spikey cosplay wig tutorial

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