UK COSPLAYERS LOST IN ROMANIA: East European Comic Con 2018 Vlog

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UK COSPLAYERS LOST IN ROMANIA: East European Comic Con 2018 Vlog

So me and Nomes visited Romania for the first time as she was invited as a guest judge for East European Comic Con. I paid for my own fights so I could tag along to the event as her groupie and help out where I could. We got some british sweets for the staff/other judges at the airport (Nomes loves to bring something British each time she guests internationally) and she got to fly priority because the folks running EECC are brilliant to their guests (they even had a comic con branded car come pick us up!) but me being a normie had to fly regular. 

When we arrived at night we couldn’t believe the quality of the hotel they had us in, it was really nice! Nomes immediately started going through the contestants references to get a feeling for who and what she was judging like the pro she is. We hit up the included all you can eat breakfast in the morning and I got a workout in using the hotel gym. Hotel gyms are almost always limited in what they provide but at each one I’ve been to I’ve found a way to make it challenging with a bit of creativity (usually I use a rest-pause and drop-sets to failure). 

Speaking of training, my plan to get enough protein in for this entire con was to go down the street and get a whole cooked chicken each day. Fortunately, our EECC hosts kept us well-fed on the cosplay event days with some great food so I didn’t have to use this tactic after the first day.  

Final Fantasy XV Gladiolus And Noctis Funny Cosplay At East European Comic Con In Romania
Noctis always gets the pics 😂 Me and Nomes In Our Gladiolus and Noctis Cosplays From Final Fantasy XV


For our first day which was way more chilled out than the rest of the weekend (Friday’s always are at comic cons) I debuted my FFXV Gladiolus costume and had some fun with Nomes in her Noctis. We were clowning around at the event all day (which was massive!) meeting awesome people and eating great food in the summer sun. At night we watched Deadpool 2 which to this day I think is the greatest super-hero film ever made.

The next day I watched the cosplay contest which also featured the Romanian qualifiers for C4 alongside judges Stanik, The Irstress, and of course Nomes Cosplay who was cosplaying Edward Elric to my Greed of Fullmetal Alchemist. This was our first test-wear of the costumes before our qualifying skit which was a week or so later (The Irstress gave me some eye-brow makeup tips which I took to heart and used in all future iterations of my Greed cosplay). 

It was a great show but something I noticed as a trope was that Romania’s go-to for cosplay performances seems to be breaking out into song around half way through the performance. I have seen it at other contests, but it was extremely common in this case. Still, one of my favourite performances from the show utilised this trope in a really fun way so no disrespect from me!

Goku cosplayer from Dragon Ball poses with a child at comic con
This kid was so shy, this is one of my favourite parts about Cosplay: Entertaining people!

The next day I cosplayed Goku which is always my favourite part of a convention. The amount of people Dragon Ball has influenced all over the globe is amazing and Romania is no exception as I posed alongside kids and adult fans alike. At one point me and Nomes practiced our WCS skit in Goku and Noctis (we recorded it in the video!) and we attracted a small audience of people who clapped after we finished. That was very reassuring for our WCS qualifiers a week later so thank you very much!

The rest of the weekend was spent making friends, bicep curling cosplayers, and of course eating more great food before setting out at 5am for our flight home the next day! It was awesome spending time with Livia, Gabi, and Dyana, me, Nomes and the other cosplay guests were treated extremely well and I’d love to visit Romania again some day.

Super Saiyan Goku Cosplay From DragonBall GT
Cosplay: Son Goku (DragonBall GT) 

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