Use Your Ultra Instincts: Stop Procrastinating & Get After It You Weeb

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Use Your Ultra Instincts: Stop Procrastinating & Get After It You Weeb

All the meditation and motivation in the world pales in comparison to getting after it

I’ve essentially become a motivational speaker over the course of 2019, a title I didn’t think I’d ever have but one that I’ll proudly own. To give somebody the spark to set off on their own heroes journey is to help people, and I can’t think of a more fulfilling existence for myself.

With that in mind and at the risk of calling myself out I’ve gotta come clean; motivation without action is procrastination. I want you all to get after it, I want you all to believe in yourselves, and I want you all to go out there and achieve your dreams. When you see one of my posts and feel all fired up: I want you to get after it

In fact, when you watch Goku go Super Saiyan, when you witness Ichigo unleash his Bankai, when you see Naruto struggle to make the impossible possible, and that’s the time to start doing. Go for a workout, work on that project, go try to take over the world! Do the thing you were put on this earth to do.

Whatever that is, go after it with all your heart. You can do anything, let your power explode

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Goku cosplay from dragonball super doing a landing poseCosplay: Son Goku (Dragon Ball Super) Photo: Me and Nomes Cosplay

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