We Are Not Special: Lessons From Anime Protagonists

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We Are Not Special: Lessons From Anime Protagonists

I’m not special, you’re not special, nobody is special. To think we are is nothing short of narcissism

This isn’t reserved to our perceived talents either, our messy past, everything we might have been through, everything we might have been blessed with, none of it is special. We all have our own unique privileges and our own unique hinderances, having a troubled past or a grand dream is not special.

But once we understand and accept we’re not special, special things may start happening for us

If everyone isn’t special, then those who have accomplished great things are people just like us. If everyone is the same, then there really isn't anything to lose. Everything that has ever been accomplished was by somebody who wasn't special and, within reason, you can do it too.

Maybe that knowledge enables you to start that exercise routine, maybe you realise you can start your own business, maybe you actually start following a proven plan for success instead of letting talent and chance do the work for you, maybe you allow yourself to be more vulnerable in the knowledge that everyone else is struggling just like you.

Fuck being perfect and fuck being broken, we’re not special. And truly accepting that is ironically pretty damn special.

No devil fruits needed, Be More Shonen

Firefist Ace cosplay from One Piece with ASCE tattooCosplay: Portgas D Ace (One Piece) Photo: Nomes Cosplay

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