What Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Can Teach You About Goals & Luck

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What Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Can Teach You About Goals & Luck

I watched a Bo Burnham interview the other day.

When asked for advice on how to ‘follow your dreams’ he said something to the effect of:

‘Don’t, just give up. The system is rigged against you, it’s all about luck. It doesn’t matter how talented you are so don’t bother trying’

Obviously because it’s Bo Burnham & he’s hilarious this got a laugh out of the audience, but I think it speaks to a broader narrative I’ve been seeing everywhere recently; people are not chasing their dreams, they take away their own self-belief and outsource their opinions of what’s possible to others.

Explaining myself further, he then went on to say that it’s easy for a celebrity to say ‘just follow your dreams and it’ll all work out!’ because they’ve already made it, they’ve already gotten lucky and was in the right place at the right time.

Of course that’s true, I don’t think that anyone would ever deny this. Most people when setting out to achieve a goal will give up or get knocked down long before they reach it. Sure.

But let me ask you something:

Do people need more or less encouragement?

I think the answer is an overwhelming yes to more encouragement. We are constantly told what we can and can’t do, what we outta do, what’s possible or impossible. For everything I’ve ever gotten in my life there was more people telling me I couldn’t do it than supporting me in achieving it.

We need MORE encouragement, more positive energy, more people telling us to persevere and to DREAM.

Joseph Joestar aimed to defeat the Pillarmen. He ended up getting the upper hand by a sheer force of luck, but he still set out to do it. Likewise, I am not going to pretend that everything I’ve ever achieved wasn’t down to some form of luck because it definitely is. 

But it wasn’t by accident.

You only have one life, set smart, safe, and appropriate goals (you can’t squat 500lb before squatting 300lb). Take the next step over and over without looking back and see where it leads you.

The system is rigged against us, so let’s fight it.

Because every protagonist needs an enemy!


Joseph Joestar Cosplay From Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Cosplay: Joseph Joestar
Series: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
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