When People Start Fitness They Invest In The Wrong Things

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When People Start Fitness They Invest In The Wrong Things

When people start fitness the invest in the wrong things

If you'd rather watch than read:

Worrying about the glucose in your banana when you’re not tracking calories is misplaced energy.

Worrying about your perfect fat and carb intake when you’re not hitting the minimum protein recommendations is misplaced energy.

Worrying about the perfectly periodised weight training split and hitting your abs from all angles when you won’t invest in a belt and some microplates is misplaced energy.

Here’s some things that are legitimately worth investing in when it comes to fitness that will pay off way more than their financial worth or the time it takes.

1.The Entire DragonBall Manga

2.Learn to love weight training 

3.Learn to love endurance training

4.Progress on both as much as possible

5.Get over gym anxiety

6.Make tracking protein, fibre, & calories your nutritional priority (myfitnesspal is a good start)

7.Eat veggies & protein with every meal

8.A decent pair of squat shoes

9.A decent pair of running shoes

10.The entire Jojo’s bizarre Adventure manga

11.Wrist wraps

12.Chalk (I won’t laugh at you if you get gloves, each to their own)

13.Knee sleeves (for squats)

14.10mm weightlifting belt


16.Protein Powder

17.Eat at the same time each day

18.Half to a gallon of water per day

19.Film your lifts and track your mile times

20.Track your progress, religiously

If you make those investments in 10 years you will be an absolute fucking badass.

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 Son Goku cosplayer teaches you how to get fit by using anime as inspiration
Cosplay: Son Goku
Series: DragonBall Z
Wig: Nomes Cosplay

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