Why Anime Characters Don't Need To Find Their Passion

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Why Anime Characters Don't Need To Find Their Passion

“If only I found my passion”

Most people are lost & don't know what to do with their life & I think some of that is down to the quote “You just have to follow your passion”

If you don’t know the answer to that question already then rid yourself of the idea of knowing your life purpose from the get go

When I was a kid all I knew I wanted to do when I was older was:

1.Entertain people

2. Help people

3. Be creative

It's not like I drew out a carefully formulated plan on how I was going to combine all 3, I couldnt even articulate it as such, but that’s what I ended up doing by just pursuing things that interested me

In order, this is how I ended up adopting each of the skills that make my business ‘Be More Shonen’ what it is:

Graphic Design: I would draw illustrations, symbols, & typography, friends would say “that would look good on a shirt!” so I started selling the designs

Fitness Content: When I started my cosplay page people started asking what my workout was & what I eat in a day

Mindset content: After people saw me go after my goals they asked me how they could build their confidence & character too

Cosplay Tutorials: I’m not the best crafter, but people would ask where I got my stuff from. Those tutorials are some of my most popular tiktoks

Personal trainer: I started coaching in private because people were asking me to train them. After a while I offered it as a service

Thus my life purpose has become “helping Weebs get stronger & craft better lives” but I didn’t set out that way. I simply put myself out there, tried my best at the things I enjoyed, & catered my content to what people wanted from me (within my own willingness to comply, despite popular interest I still haven’t started an onlyfans). I did all the things that made me, me! Unapologetically so. Just like Luffy can't help but be Luffy, Jotaro can't help be Jotaro, Zack can't help but be Zack, and Goku can't help being Goku. We are who we are, and being anything less is a disservice.

So don't wait for a perfect job, get a job you don't hate and let it fund your hobbies & interests. Put those interests out there, listen for feedback, and repeat the process forever. If I can make graphic designer turned fitness cosplayer & personal trainer for weebs work as a job description I’m sure the possibilities are endless.

Don’t wait to find your passion, get passionate about finding it instead


Zack Fair cosplay Crisis core: embrace your dreams!
Cosplay: Zack Fair
Series: Final Fantasy 7
Costume & Photo: Nomes Cosplay
Anime Body Transformation Coaching: Click here

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