Why Cosplayers STILL Need To Be On TikTok

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Why Cosplayers STILL Need To Be On TikTok

If you’re a new creator or a small creator looking to expand your audience Tiktok is the place to be right now

The tiktok ban isn’t really a concern anymore and even if it was: don’t let what ifs paralyse you from taking action here and now

So why is it important to be on TikTok as a cosplayer right now?

Algorithmically you’re going to reach more people because of the audience to content ratio. Almost everyone who has an Instagram is also a content creator, not so for Tiktok. There are more eyes watching than creating

Because of this it’s easier to be seen because there’s a smaller talent pool in the news feed. Using myself as an example I went from 0 audience on Tiktok to having 80k followers in my first year. My insta has took 6-7 years to get to 5k. My most viral piece of content on TT wasn’t even anything special, it was me eating a cake dressed as Goku: 1.6million views so far


Why Tiktok has crazy reach for cosplayers and personal brands - Tiktok Goku gives his two cents
To this day I do not understand why this video did so well, can only guess it's thanks to Richard's handsome face as Vegeta in the background (one half of SilverLinings Cosplay)

That kind of reach is insanely unlikely to happen anywhere else right now for a small creator and it hasn’t happened for me anywhere else. On Tiktok I have around 3 videos that have over half a million views. On instagram my widest reaching content was 27,000 views, on YouTube it’s 16,000 (YouTube probably being the second best place to build an audience now after Tiktok). That’s an insanely unbelievable difference in reach

Y’know what other app used to have superior reach around ten years ago? Instagram! In terms of reach Tiktok is what instagram was ten years ago. A photography app hijacked by fashion bloggers compared to a lip syncing app hijacked by cosplayers. But of course, we all passed on instagram back then in favour of Facebook pages because that was ‘the thing to do’. That’s what people are doing now with Tiktok, don’t miss the chance like most did with instagram

If you feel like you have something to say and you want to say it where the most people are going to listen. Like it or not, that place is Tiktok. That may change, but for now it’s the truth

Tiktoks copycat Instagram reels also shows some promise if you go hard on it. And I have to commend Instagram for slowly becoming the single home for all things social media. However, it already has the algorithmic and participation problems I mentioned earlier. I have not seen a single reel so far on my time-line that is either:

A) Good (savage I know)

B) From an account below 10k in followers

But even so, my shitty Jojo joke during the US election did really well. So making tiktoks to be reposted to reels and even YouTube shorts is a good way to hit multiple platforms at once

Therefore if you’re starting from scratch, more or less, I still recommend Tiktok as your most valuable tool

Quick note: cringe dancing and the like is slowly on its way out for cosplay Tiktok. Entertainment, education, or inspiration is where it’s at. Tell a story, weave in your personality, and be funny. That’s my winning advice 💪

Be More Shonen 💪

Why every cosplayer should get on tiktok if they want to get noticed - Tiktok Goku Cosplay Minney speaks outCosplay: Son Goku (Dragon Ball Z) 

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