Why Firefist Ace Is Ripped (DIT Explained)

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Why Firefist Ace Is Ripped (DIT Explained)

Firefist Ace is more shredded than anyone would ever realistically need to be. And thanks to the magic of head canon I can scientifically explain why he’s shredded and show you how you can use these principles to get there yourself.

Ace is a man made up of fire. Therefore it’s not much of a stretch to assume his body temperature is burning higher than an ordinary humans. Because he’s producing so much heat energy, he’s expending more calories. This is known as thermogenesis.

Ace is obviously a fictional character so in reality he ain’t burning shit but there is a way to ramp up thermogenesis in a real life person; dietary induced thermogenesis. Or DIT for short. It's the process of eating and drinking foods that raise body temperature.

The first big example is protein. Around 25% of the calories from protein are burned off during digestion. That means if you got two people with equal ‘maintenance’ calories of a standard diet and you just swapped out one of their diets with a high protein diet they would burn fat without any other dietary change.

We also have fibre which burns off half of its calories during digestion. That means already low calorie greens are almost calorie free due to the heat energy they produce.

Processed food has half the DIT of its non-processed counterpart. But this can be mitigated somewhat if you time these treats after training.

Caffeine not only helps keep you focussed but it ramps up body temperature with no additional calories spent. Hold back if you're anxious though!⠀

So with all these principles added to my maintenance calories I could be losing an estimated pound of fat extra in a week! All by manipulating heat, just like firefist Ace.

If you want to know more about getting as ripped as a shonen anime protagonist check out my free training manual 'The Super Saiyan Six'

Have a nice day guys and always remember: Be More Shonen!

Firefist Ace Cosplay from the One Piece Anime
Cosplay: Portgas D. Ace (One Piece) Photo: Jamie Flack (Taken at Viencon 2018)

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