Why Jotaro Kujo Is The Role Model We Need In 2021

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Why Jotaro Kujo Is The Role Model We Need In 2021

If you would rather watch than read:

Araki, creator of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, designed Jotaro to be a stoic hero. A guy who doesn’t need to tell people he’s good, a guy who doesn’t want to be seen as good, a guy who just does the right thing and leaves.

There is a lot of unlikable characteristics about Jotaro. He’s rude, arrogant, and closed off. But he’s also a man that tries to do the right thing and doesn’t feel the need to tell people he’s done them. 

We have all known a guy or girl who is an outspoken activist for BLM, feminism, trans rights, and will scream up and down why something is problematic only for them to get outed 6 months later as being a sex offender. Talk is cheap, action is everything. 

I think in this day and age of outrage culture, hashtag culture, and generally trying to change the behaviour of other people I think there’s something to be said  for the Jotaro approach of trying our best, as individuals, to leave the world better that we found it.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with vocal activism and protest, it has its place, but I think voting with your feet and letting your actions speak louder than words is tremendously undervalued

After all, at some point, we’re gonna have to do our part. 



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