‘YOU’RE JUST A LOW CLASS’ - Life Lessons From DragonBall

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‘YOU’RE JUST A LOW CLASS’ - Life Lessons From DragonBall

The sum of my parts has been such an interesting journey.

Not unlike Goku, all throughout my life I've always had people telling me who I outta be. What I should be doing, what my limits are, & what I can't do. Well, if the lesson of DBZ is anything, it's that opinions don't mean shit. Reality does, & our results are our own born from our hard work, advantages, and decisions.

When I started getting into graphic design people told me I needed traditional qualifications, when I got into cosplay people told me to stick to graphic design, when I started getting into fitness I got told to stick to cosplay, when I got into bodybuilding I got told to stick to cardio, and when I got into powerlifting I got told to stick to bodybuilding.

Perhaps most importantly, when I gave up smoking, drinking, and drugs there was people who encouraged me to remain the same.

'Just accept who you are' 

Who are those people to tell me, or anyone else, who they are?

Even now I’ll have people tell me I can’t be a wrestler, that I can’t be bilingual, that I can’t reach a million followers, that I’ll never run a tough mudder, do well at strongman etc.

I don’t think this is unique to me, I think almost everyone must experience this. The difference is that I have never paid attention to the voices.

‘But even a failure, so called, who trains hard, has the potential to become the strongest of the Saiyans’ - Goku

Listen to your heart, and make sure that the only voice you listen to is your own.

Be the person you want to be, each conquest at a time.


Super Saiyan Goku cosplay from dragonball z in the 59 cell games jacket
Cosplay: Goku
Series: DragonBall
Wig & Photo: Nomes Cosplay

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