You're The Protagonist In Your Own Anime, Social Media Is The Villain

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You're The Protagonist In Your Own Anime, Social Media Is The Villain

PSA to limit your social media use⠀

Recently I’ve been noticeably happier, like happier than I’ve been in so long. And the only major difference?

I’ve hardly logged in to social media

I've been trying to make a habit of only logging in to social media to reply to messages and comments as well as promoting my profiles. I feel like this leads to less useless clutter in my mind and gives me space to think properly. 

I think it’s time we all started to live in the real world.

Social media is addictive. It activates the same reward centres in the brain as gambling, cigarettes, and food. I have an addictive and scatter brained personality so without solid structure to my daily routine my life will fall apart pretty quickly. Therefore I have to be especially careful with social media. I can’t ban it outright as it’s an extremely valuable tool to keep the world connected and I rely on it heavily to keep in touch with friends all around the world along with using it for my business. So how does one moderate it’s use?

The strategy I use to keep social media abdication at bay is simple: ban all social media until the end of the day and reserve an hour in the day to reply to as many messages as I can, reply to as many comments as I can, upload all my stories for the day and to check up on everyone. It’s like intermittent fasting for your phone. I took this one step further and set up screen time on my iPhone to limit all social media use to just one hour, I got Nomes to password lock it and only she knows what it is.

Since implementing this it’s has had quite a profound effect in that I find myself more productive, I don’t procrastinate as much, and I can think more clearly instead of being in this constant state of brain fog and distraction. And thankfully, if I do get distracted by my phone I can make sweet articles like this one instead of wasting my time scrolling through Karen’s feed.

I think with the Coronavirus pandemic this is even more important. The news cycle, the fake news, the hyperbole, it's just not worth keeping up with so frequently and it clearly effects our sanity dramatically.

Social media is a villain. Not even a good villain, it's a shitty filler villain that we have full control over how we handle. Don't let it reach it's final form, be the hero of your own story. Be More Shonen.

Goku and Vegeta getting scared by beerus, dragonball super cosplays
Cosplays: Goku (Myself), Vegeta, and Beerus (Richard and Lindsay Of Silverlinings Cosplay) | Series: DragonBall Super | Photo: Me and Nomes Cosplay

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